About Us

WisePal is the leading cost-saving software company that helps Americans reduce their monthly expenses with just 1 click. We have helped thousands of people throughout the years and continue to do so with WisePal.

After experiencing the tremendous pressure and hopelessness of financial stress several years ago, the founders of WisePal wanted to reduce their family's monthly expenses. After going over their monthly bills, the founding team started to compare their products and services to other options on the market and was amazed to realize they could potentially reduce their costs by almost 50%. While the expenses they were able to save on were tremendous, they were also astonished by the vast amount of time it took them. In order to compare apples to apples, they needed to evaluate not only the price but also the terms and details of those products. It took the team a long time and countless hours, particularly when it came to insurance and financial products, items that were more complex and harder to compare.

Once the founding team realized the incredible cost saving power of their process, they began helping friends reduce their family's monthly expenses.  The founders of WisePal quickly understood the fact that most companies would have preferred that their customers would not know: It is almost always possible to find a better deal with proper market research. The reason why so many don’t? Because almost no one has the time and energy to commit to doing the painstaking work required to do it.

And with that, WisePal was born.  WisePal helps people reduce their monthly expenses without investing any time in it. WisePal securely gathers all the required information for its customers so expenses can be reduced with out filling out forms, answering questions, or having expertise in the products being compared. WisePal is based in New Jersey, and we are truly motivated by our mission to help as many people reduce their expenses and positively impact their lives.